Posted by: iBNuX | October 17, 2010

The 24th years old of me…

24years ago I’ve been born to this world in cijerah, west Bandung.

Now I’m in west jakarta
Just like usual, nothing special, just me and the dark night, watching star in the sky…
Same like last year…
No party, no cake, no gifts and no one
Because that’s not my style
birthday is time for reflection

Its very cold in here…
I burn a cigarette to warm my body (perhaps…)
Drink coffee
Eat burger
And wishing tomorrow will be good than yesterday…
Maybe nobody know my birthday if I’m not shout it…

I’m thinking about my life, what it will be ?_?
When am I will get married…
When am I will buy a house…

Sometimes my future look so dark, and sometimes look bright
But My future is in my hand

I always envied those who always having fun, When are they going to like me

After all
Why I’m not happy this night…

now 2:40 AM
Time to get home, bye 🙂


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