Posted by: iBNuX | March 8, 2010

[BB App] Email Iconizer

This is very late application..

a few months ago, everyone talk about “How to change default email icon in blackberry?”
and now i make the application when everyone start using OS 5 Blackberry

This Application can help you to change Email icon with easy.
you just run this Application
choose email
change the icon
then reset your blackberry.

but somehow my application can’t work in blackberry with OS 5
Default Email Icon

With Custom Email Icons

If my Application not work in your blackberry, you can follow tutorial from this



  1. Bos aku udah instal email iconser dari anda
    kok ga bisa ya buat ganti icon email di hh ku,
    hh bold 9000 Os 5.0.509
    apa karen pake Enhagen gmail plugin ya…..????

    • OS 5?
      maaf OS 5 tidak ada support dari saya
      karena saya sendiri belum pernah menggunakan OS tersebut

    • yes, icon tidak akan berubah jika sudah terinstall gmail plug in, tapi email lain selain gmail harusnya sie berubah

  2. Mas axa!

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